Long Game Clinic

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Brush up on your long game technique with one of our PGA coaching staff at the GUI National Golf Academy. These 2 hour clinics aim to leave participants with a better understanding of the fundamentals of the long game.

Aimed at players of all levels, these clinics are delivered in a clear, understandable manner.

Notes are provided to further the learning experience.

Example of topics covered:

Long game fundamentals

Your swing

How to draw the ball

How to fade the ball

Better aim

Better ball striking

Better practice

*It is the duty of the professional involved to discuss with each participant the characteristics of their particular games. Some players may have a technically ‘poor’ grip, yet this might not be the reason for their lack of progress. For this reason, our coaching staff will carefully assess each players ‘mechanics’ thoroughly before offering any thoughts. We endeavour to provide each player with a clear outline of how they can set about improving their golf. We maintain that we can help any player that is practicing/playing on a regular basis (2+ times per week).

Maximum 5 people per clinic.

Bespoke Long Game Clinics - if you would like to arrange a Long Game Clinic of your choosing for you and your friends please contact Kenny@bettergolf.ie

Note: There is a 48 hour cancellation policy with all of our clinics

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GUI National Golf Academy

Carton Demesne


Co Kildare

Tel: 01 5054040

Email: kenny@bettergolf.ie

Web: www.bettergolf.ie

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